Building big ideas using no-code

in weeks
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Is there room for improvement
in your company but you don't know where to start?
We help you automate & streamline your project so that you can focus on important stuff.

How it works

We understand

how your company operates

We propose

how the overall process should look like

We process

solution with no code tools

We deliver

a tailor-made solution

Where can we help

Internal processes
like a Swiss watch

Gain better oversight over internal processes, automate manual activities, measure savings and increase efficiency through no-code tools.

  • Communication automation

  • Processing orders & complaints

  • Systems & databases

Tailor-made web tools in a couple of days

Do you need a new tool on the web quickly? It is 5x faster than with traditional development and ready for iterations from the ground up with no-code.

  • Products configurator

  • Customer portal

  • Comparison tool

Build your startup without investor

Building MVP & confirming hypotheses used to be expensive. With no-code bring MVP to market in weeks and save time & money.

  • Web app

  • Native app

  • Lead generation

Sell more efficiently and have an overview of your customers

We easily implement a no-code CRM with sales performance overview, automated communication and other tools that will ensure better sales.

  • CRM & database

  • Offers & configurators

  • Communication automation

Easily connect both sides - demand & offer

Creating a marketplace platform has never been easier. You can achieve a high-quality platform and additional marketing automations with no-code tools.

  • Sales management

  • Communication on both sides

  • Payments

We are just learning it…

Soon we will be able to build native apps so let us know if you need some help.

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Downloadable from stores

Why no-code

Quick development
You can have your new website up and running in 1-2 weeks.
Fully flexible
Applicable to most business challenges and improvements with almost no limitations.
Lower costs
No need for an expensive custom development with no code tools.
Simple maintenance
After the website is live you can easily make changes yourself or leave the maintenance to us.

Can your project be no-code?
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About us

We are a team of innovators and technology enthusiasts. We combine our experience in building new products in both corporate and startup environments. We can make our clients' lives easier by automating processes with the goal of saving time, costs and increasing employee efficiency.

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